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Well you already know we love beach volleyball.

 But it's about much more than that.  We don't want to just offer a one time camp, or only do private lessons; we want to create long lasting connections to the game.  We want to see kids, youth and adults enjoying playing in the sand, and see beach volleyball grow in Alberta.  From actual sandcastles, to Spikeball, to playfully learning the basics of the game, to training to be great at the game and knowing how to compete, there are so many ways to

Play beach


We are experienced beach volleyball players; at the provincial, national and international level.


We are experienced coaches, teachers, day camp leaders and parents.

Meet The Team

Amanda Moppett-Beatch

Coach Mops is an experienced Beach volleyball player having played nationally and internationally. Mops has been coaching for over 20 years, indoor and beach from summer camps, club, post secondary and private lessons. She's an early education teacher as well, inspired by play, nature, teamwork, kindess and leadership. 

Hailey Funk

Crafts high on her list of favourite activities, and little people some of her preferred friends, Hailey has several years experience designing and leading day camps.


Her beach roots came through the Team BC Beach Volleyball program, competing provincially and nationally. Known for her infectious energy on the court, she's an engaging mentor and passionate leader. 

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