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This beach program is geared towards parents looking to get some fitness in during the day with their children, it includes beach play for children alongside a parent fitness circuit on the sand.  Whether you're just trying to build a little movement into your day, or working towards getting strong, this class allows you to push yourself as hard as you need to alongside other parents.


1 Hour Program includes:

 10 minutes of warm-up\settle in time for your child

40 minute parent workout + child sand play

10 cool down and connections

Fridays @ 10:00 am

The Beach YYC: 3030-2600 Portland Street SE

March 3 - May 26 (no classes March 24)

$275 for all 12 sessions or drop-in for $25

Benefits of Beach Fitness

Barefoot in the Sand

Builds and strengthens the muscles in your feet differently than when in shoes,

on an uneven surface stabilizers in our feet engage and forcing different balance points

The sand acts as a wonderful natural resistance.  It's obviously harder to walk or run on sand because of its density, movement when it shifts, and uneven levels.  With extra resistance on our legs, they are forced to work harder, building muscle 

The sand has less impact on your joints than pavement.  This is great for preventing injury or causing any harsh impact on your joints like pavement can do over time. 

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